NormaTec Sequential Compression
&Hyperice Recovery Systems

  • NormaTec Sequential Compression and Hyperice Recovery Near Lutz


NormaTec Recovery Systems are cutting-edge, commercial-grade compression devices that enhance the body’s natural ability to recover. Using NormaTec’s full-length leg, arm, or hip compression attachments rejuvenates muscle tissue and dramatically reduces tightness and soreness. When used as part of a rehab protocol, NormaTec helps to speed recovery, improve outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction.

NormaTec Recovery Systems are Durable Medical Equipment with over-the-counter FDA clearance. They are easy-to-use and effective. NormaTec is heavily utilized in professional sports facilities, fitness clubs, and gyms, as well as by chiropractors and physical therapists. Invented by an MD-PhD and perfected by professional athletes, NormaTec systems are the go-to equipment for the world’s best.

Normatec Technology Overview

NormaTec pioneered dynamic compression technology for recovery and continues to be the market leader.

NormaTec is at the forefront of the recovery movement and works with athletes and teams across Olympic, collegiate, and pro sports to improve recovery, performance, and availability.

How It Works

  • NormaTec utilizes a patented technology that massages the legs, arms, or hips with pneumatic compression to enhance circulation and reduce soreness.
  • NormaTec employs three forms of biomimicry to expedite recovery: Pu/sing-dynamic compression mobilizes fluid
  • Gradient Hold-prevents fluid backflow
  • Distal Re/ease-allows normal circulation

The Normatec Massage Pattern

The NormaTec Pulse massage is patented and proven technology that:

  • increases circulation
  • reduces pain and soreness
  • rejuvenates muscles
  • accelerates recovery

At Revolution Performance Therapy, we have attachments for the hip, legs, and arms.


Percussion therapy concentrates targeted pulses of pressure into the muscle/tissue of the body, helping to relieve muscle pain, stiffness and soreness, and increase range of motion. Percussive stimulation provides comprehensive relief by reaching both the superficial and deep muscle fibers. The Hypervolt line delivers three speeds of rapid percussion almost silently – ideal to relieve tension and accelerate warmup and recovery after physical activity.


The Vyper 2.0 changed fitness rolling forever. Featuring all the traditional benefits of foam rolling amplified by three powerful speeds of vibration, the Vyper 2.0 is strong, sleek, and durable.

The Vyper 2.0 is constructed of a high-intensity vibrating core and rechargeable lithium-ion battery encased in an eco-friendly high-density polypropylene foam for maximum vibration transfer.


The therapeutic application of heat causes a change in temperature of the soft tissues which can help decrease joint stiffness and relieve muscle spasms. When combined with the benefits of vibration, as featured in the Venom line, localized heat helps warm, loosen, and relax sore and stiff muscles. Ideal for warmup, recovery, and relief for muscle and joint stiffness, the combination of thermal therapy and vibration therapy is unparalleled.

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